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Even before the paths in the restored Olmsted Linear Park were completed, they attracted walkers and joggers. Pathways were integral to the parks Olmsted created. Routes were carefully devised to allow the visitor to enjoy the most scenic vistas, the bend in the path repeating the curve of the landscape.

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Ponce de Leon Avenue,
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

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Springdale is the westernmost segment, the gateway to the Linear Park from Atlanta. Visitors encounter a green knoll and a mature stand of oaks, followed by a sweeping pastoral dell.


Virgilee is the only segment of the Olmsted Linear Park which is named for an individual; the names of all other segments of the park reference natural features found in them. Virgilee was Joel Hurt’s daughter; this park is her memorial.

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Oak Grove

Oak Grove does contain an oak grove but is essentially a pastoral park which extends the design of the first two segments. For many years, it was maintained by the Druid Hills Garden Club.


Shadyside is named for the heavily wooded section on the southern side of its western end. This section of the park is mainly pastoral but has picturesque elements.

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Dellwood is named for the natural depression at its eastern end—a dell. It is a continuation of the pastoral style—open space with scattered groups of trees. It is graced with some particularly fine large trees.


Deepdene, the largest segment, forms the eastern end of the Linear Park. Unlike the five pastoral segments, it is a wooded tract with a stream winding through its 22 acres and a topography that ranges from steep slopes to a flat meadow.

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Olmsted Linear Park allows visitors from all walks of life to enjoy the tranquility of an urban oasis in the heart of Atlanta and the Druid Hills community.

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6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Park A
Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30307

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